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Madeleine Albright On The State Of The World (VIDEO)
PSA Advisory Board Member Madeleine Albright appears on a CNN discussion on Aspen Institute's Aspen Leaders Action Forum moderated by Suzanne Malveaux. Secretary Albright appears at 1:25:16.

"Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future" by George Shultz
PSA Advisory Board Member and former Secretary of State George Shultz's book was released. The book analyzes the topics of governance, the economy, energy, drugs, diplomacy, and nuclear security.

Madeleine Albright On Peace Talks: 'This Is The Beginning Of The Beginning'
PSA Advisory Board Member Madeleine Albright comments on the current peace talks with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Sen. Kassebaum to receive Gordon Parks award in October
PSA Advisory Board Member former Senator Nancy Kassebaum Baker will receive the Gordon Parks Award in October. The award seeks to honor a recipient who exemplifies the spirit and strength of character of Gordon Parks.

A Republican Secretary of State Urges Action on Climate Change
PSA Advisory Board Member George Shultz discusses the importance of energy security and climate change in today's political environment.

Walter Judd Freedom Award Ceremony Honoring Paula Dobriansky (VIDEO)
PSA Advisory Board Member Ambassador Paula Dobriansky was Awarded the Walter Judd Freedom Award by The Fund for American Studies. She was presented the award by another PSA Advisory Board Member, Bud McFarlane. Dobriansky and McFarlane both spoke about American global priorities.

George Shultz Supports Fracking
Advisory Board Member George Shultz was interviewed on his view on fracking and climate change in the "San Francisco Appeal".

Michelle Nunn declares herself a U.S. Senate candidate
Michelle Nunn, daughter of Former US Senator and PSA Advisory Board Member Sam Nunn, announced her candidacy in a run for a US Senate seat from Georgia.

UNICEF Lauds Bangladesh's Vow to Ending Preventable Child Deaths Before 2035
Former member of the PSA Advisory Board and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake commended the government of Bangladesh for their efforts to end preventable deaths of children.

Internal Auditors Meet Madeleine Albright
Last week, PSA Advisory Board member Madeleine Albright was a keynote speaker at the Institute of Internal Auditors annual international conference in Orlando.

Andy Semmel Speaks at State Department-GWU Symposium
Andy Semmel (PSA Executive Director) gave a talk on U.S. treaty ratification at the State Department-George Washington University Symposium "Generation Prague 2013: Building a Strategy of Peace" July 17.

UNICEF Capitalized on Innovation to Reach the Most Disadvantaged in 2012 - Report
Former PSA Advisory Board Member Anthony Lake's efforts as the Executive Director of UNICEF are highlighted as UNICEF works to reach their Millennium Development Goals.

Shultz: Immigration Reform Necessary for Economy
On July 12, PSA Advisory Board Member George Shultz wrote in the Wall Street Journal about Immigration Reform and its affects on the economy.

Graeme Bannerman: US Oil Prices
PSA BoD Member Graeme Bannerman was quoted in CNBC's article "US Oil Hits 14-Month High Above $100 a Barrel" on the relationship between the situation in Egypt and oil prices in America.

Vail Symposium: Is the Red Dragon Breathing Fire? Rising China and the Changing Global Order
PSA BoD Member Jamie Metzl discusses his take on how China’s rise is transforming both China and the rest of the world, and the growing instability that threatens to undermine both.

Moment of Opportunity for India and Pakistan: Albright
PSA Advisory Board member Madeleine Albright discusses the political situation in Indian and Pakistan after Secretary of State John Kerry's trip to India in late June.

Jamie Metzl: U.S. Expected to Press China on Currency
PSA Board of Director Jamie Metzl spoke on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers" on July 10 discussing U.S.-China relations with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg.

Lee Hamilton: Without great leadership, our nation's democracy suffers
On July 6th, PSA Advisory Board Member and Co-Founder Lee Hamilton wrote an article on the importance of active citizenship and effective leadership.

Women The Heart and Soul of Resistance
On June 22, PSA Advisory Board Member Frances Townsend Convention spoke in Paris at the international conference "Democracy in Iran."

Madeleine Albright Talks about the Middle East with the Atlantic
Madeleine Albright explains why international cooperation and foreign aid are key to solving the problems in the Middle East.

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