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Former Reagan Adviser Urges U.S. to Counter Russia with ‘Strength and Leadership’: Calls for Awakening of the West
PSA Advisory Board member and former Reagan Adviser, Robert McFarlane gave remarks of Ukraine and Russia during a Foreign Policy Initiative event, which took place Thursday. McFarlane calls for an awakening of the West and to counter Russia with strength and leadership.

Stanford Graduate School of Business Climate Week - George P. Shultz on the Reality of Climate Change
PSA Advisory Board member, George P. Shultz will speak about the challenge of climate change, and the opportunities in the business, policy, and energy sectors to address it. This event is part of the Stanford Graduate School of Business ClimateWeek, an initiative planned by GSB students aimed at launching a discussion around climate issues, including how people and businesses can act on the opportunities and challenges climate change presents today and in the future.

Q&A with Paula Dobriansky: Ukraine Crisis Upends International Order
PSA Advisory Board Member, Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, talks with Voice of America's Carol Castiel about he crisis in Ukraine, including the nexus between energy policy and national security

Stand Firm, John Kerry It's time for the secretary of state to insist on America’s position on Middle East peace
PSA Advisory Board members, Congressman Lee Hamilton, Ambassador Carla Hills, and Ambassador Thomas Pickering commend Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to renew Israeli-Palestinian talks and negotiations for a framework for a peace accord, and the strong support his initiative has received from President Barack Obama. The article was co-authored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Frank Carlucci, and Henry Siegman

INTERVIEW/ George Shultz: U.S. should seek 'working, constructive' ties with China
Former U.S. Secretary of State and current PSA Advisory Board member, George Schultz, discusses why the U.S. should develop a working and constructive relationship with China to address global issues such as climate change. However, Schultz doubts that an era will ever come when the two countries co-rule the world. In an interview with The Asahi Shimbun, Shultz, 93, predicts that China will soon realize that its aggressive military posture will only create an adversarial situation and will have to pull back. Shultz, also a former Treasury secretary, emphasized that the best way for Japan and China to deal with their territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea is to “put it back to sleep.” Excerpts of the interview follow:

Nuclear Knowledge Summit (NKS)
Andy Semmel, PSA's Executive Director, participated in the Nuclear Knowledge Summit (NKS) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 20-25. The Nuclear Knowledge Summit was one of three Summits focusing on nuclear security that also included the Nuclear Industry Summit (NIS) and the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) which was held at The Hague, March 24-25. The Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague was the third such Summit and attracted fifty-three heads of State and national leaders, including President Obama who originated these nuclear summits in 2010. A fourth and presumably final Nuclear Security Summit is scheduled in 2016 in the U.S.

The Silver Lining of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Former member of PSA's Board of Directors and former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, Tara Sonenshine, on the "slight silver lining" in international cooperation stirred by the tragedy of the Flight #370.

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