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Lee Hamilton on US-China cooperation
PSA co-founder and Advisory Board member Lee Hamilton on the need for the US and China to cooperate on bi-lateral security and trade.

Madeleine Albright on Yevgeny Primakov: A statesman from a time when the United States and Russia could disagree and still be friends.
PSA Advisory Board member Madeleine Albright remembers the legacy of Yevgeny Primakov, former Russian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. (Foreign Policy Magazine)

Madeleine Albright on food security: private sector can do well by doing good
PSA Advisory Board member Madeleine Albright quoted on international food security, saying the private sector can play a more effective role.

Frances Townsend quoted on Iranian resistance
PSA Advisory Board member Frances Townsend: US should support Iranian resistance.

Madeleine Albright quoted on UN reform
PSA Advisory Board member Madeleine Albright calls for UN reform, saying that continuing failure within the body "risks prolonging world crises."

Jamie Metzl: North Korea's government will collapse within a decade
PSA Board of Directors co-chair Dr. Jamie Metzl predicts that a variety of converging factors will lead to the North Korean government's collapse.

Gary Hart: American investment in Northern Ireland requires stability
PSA Advisory Board member Gary Hart writes that American investment in Northern Ireland will require political and economic stability.

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