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Gary Hart: On Media, the Middle East and What Might Have Been
PSA's Board of Advisors member Gary Hart discusses Northern Ireland to Russia to Middle East in his recent interview.

VIDEO: Jamie Metzl Talks About US-China Rivalry at The Commonwealth Club
PSA Board of Directors Co-Chair Jamie Metzl shares his views on China's rise and its global impact, the human genetics revolution, and his new novel, Genesis Code.

Anthony Lake: "The world is more divided politically among and within nations than ever before."
PSA Board of Advisors Member Anthony Lake discusses the long term consequences of children suffering from conflict and dislocation.

George Schultz: "The risks we take if the climate changes need to be identified carefully."
PSA Advisory Board Member George Schultz discusses the potentially devastating effects of climate change.

Madeleine Albright: "Not only do you have to listen, but you have to listen to diverse ideas."
PSA Advisory Board Member Madeleine Albright talks about politics and Muskie’s legacy in Portland