Off-The-Record Dinner Discussion on American Foreign Policy and National Security Priorities

On March 20th, Partnership for a Secure America and American Academy of Diplomacy hosted a bipartisan, private dinner to discuss American perspectives on foreign policy and national security priorities today. Ambassadors Robert Beecroft, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt (2014-2017),  Iraq (2012-2014), Jordan (2008-2011); Ronald Neumann, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2005-2007), Bahrain (2001-2004), Algeria (1994-1997); and Tom Pickering, Under Secretary for Political Affairs (1997-2000), U.S. Ambassador to Russia (1993-1996), India (1992-1993), United Nations (1989-1992), Israel (1985-1988), El Salvador (1983-1985), Nigeria (1981-1983), Jordan (1974-1978) joined the dinner discussion. This off-the-record event was a conversation focused on helping the American Academy of Diplomacy’s retired diplomats hear the perspectives of different constituencies as part of a larger effort to assess U.S. voter priorities.