Amb. Jon Huntsman joins PSA’s Board of Advisors

Partnership for a Secure America is proud to announce that Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr., is our newest member of the PSA distinguished Board of Advisors. Jon Huntsman has a stellar career in the service of our nation in a number of senior Executive Branch positions as well as in electoral politics. Selected by Presidents of both parties for three challenging Ambassadorships, Jon Huntsman was also elected twice by the citizens of Utah as Governor. Ambassador Huntsman’s commitment to our nation, his service to our citizens, his work ethic and his patriotism are emblematic of the mission that PSA seeks to achieve: building common ground and bipartisan solutions to secure America’s global interests and advance our values.

Ambassador Huntsman has decades of experience working in Federal and state government and in private business. He began his public service as a staff assistant to President Ronald Reagan. He went on to serve under Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump as U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Asia, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Ambassador to China, and most recently, U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Ambassador Huntsman is the only American in history to have served as Chief of Mission in both China and Russia. In all of his Senate confirmations, he received unanimous votes.

We welcome Jon Huntsman to PSA’s Advisory Board and are deeply grateful to his support.

Thanks in great part to our Advisory Board Members, PSA continues to convene bipartisan groups of congressional staff and foreign policy professionals. We aim to strengthen the ideals of America: democratic governance and accountability; diversity and inclusivity of thought and action; and stewardship and advancement of American interests and values.