CPP Summer 2018 Retreat

On July 21st and 22nd, participants in the Summer 2018 class of the Congressional Partnership Program joined foreign policy and national security experts for a weekend of thought provoking discussions and bipartisan team-building. This retreat was a great opportunity for participants to assess global challenges, explore differences, and build common ground.


Bipartisan Panel on the USA Freedom Act of 2015

Participants heard from Lara Flint, former Chief Counsel for Sen. Patrick Leahy, who discussed the Freedom Act of 2015.


Lara Flint – Former Chief Counsel for Sen. Patrick Leahy

Keynote Address

The keynote address was provided by Ambassador Ron Neumann who discussed current and future global foreign policy challenges.


Ambassador Ron Neumann – Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Ambassador to Afghanistan, Bahrain and Algeria.

Breakout Sessions

Ambassador Frank Wisner and Ambassador Cameron Munter discussed challenges facing the western Balkans.

Ambassador Maura Connelly discussed Syria’s future.



Ambassador Frank Wisner – Former Undersecretary of State for International Security Affairs

Ambassador Cameron Munter – Former Ambassador to Pakistan and Serbia

Ambassador Maura Connelly – Former Ambassador to Lebanon and Chargé d’Affaires to Syria


National Security Council Simulation


Participants engaged in a National Security Council Simulation led by Mr. Robert Sheldon to advance strategic negotiation and communication skills.


Mr. Robert Sheldon – Director of Government Technology Strategy at CrowdStrike