Darfur Action Now

Now is the time for our President, our country, and the international community to match strong words with decisive action.

Now is the time for the President to work with Russia, China, and members of the Arab League to compel Sudan to accept a UN peacekeeping force.

Now is the time to impose a NATO-led no-fly zone over the Darfur region, expand sanctions on Sudanese government officials, freeze Sudan’s assets abroad, and block its oil exports.

If these measures do not make it possible to quickly deploy a UN force and halt the genocide, a NATO-led intervention must be seriously considered.

Now is the time for leadership and bold action.

The world can no longer stand idly by



Warren Rudman, US Senator (R-NH) 1980-92
Lee Hamilton, US Congressman (D-IN) 1965-99, Vice Chair, 9/11 Commission
Howard Baker, US Senator (R-TN) 1967-85
Samuel Berger, National Security Advisor 1997-2000
Zbigniew Brzezinksi, National Security Advisor 1977-81
Warren Christopher Secretary of State 1993-97
Slade Gorton, US Senator (R-WA) 1981-87, 1989-2001, Commissioner, 9/11 Commission
Gary Hart, US Senator (D-CO) 1975-87
Carla Hills, US Trade Representative 1989-93
Nancy Kassebaum Baker, US Senator (R-KS) 1978-97
Thomas Kean, Governor New Jersey 1982-1990, Chairman, 9/11 Commission
Anthony Lake, National Security Advisor 1993-97
John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy 1981-87, Commissioner, 9/11 Commission
Richard C. Leone, President, The Century Foundation 1989-present
Robert McFarlane, National Security Advisor 1983-85
Sam Nunn, US Senator (D-GA) 1972-96
Thomas Pickering, Undersecretary of State 1997-2000
John C. Whitehead, Deputy Secretary of State 1985-88
Frank Wisner, Undersecretary of State 1992-93