New Staff Partnership Program

New Staff Partnership Program

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The New Staff Partnership Program (NSPP) will host a bipartisan cohort of House and Senate staff evenly distributed between Democrats and Republicans. It will feature a series of briefings designed to assist staffers in fulfilling their legislative duties pertaining to international affairs and national security.

The NSPP offers opportunities to network with new congressional colleagues, establish contacts within the U.S. Department of State and Agency for International Development, and participate in expert-led briefings. Additionally, it is designed to lay a foundation for better communication and cooperation between foreign policymakers in the executive and the congressional branches.

The program will consist of six evening events, all off-the-record, and will run from late January or early February through April or May.

PSA is a small non-profit dedicated to providing programs for Congressional staff with the purpose of building bipartisan staff relationships around issues of foreign policy and national security.  PSA was founded in 2005 by Congressman Lee Hamilton and the late Senator Warren Rudman to advance bipartisan approaches to these issues. PSA now has fifteen years of experience bringing together bipartisan groups of congressional staff for briefings and discussions on immediate and long-term issues in national security and foreign policy, as well as providing skills training in areas such as negotiations techniques.


Eligibility Requirements: Employment with a newly-Elected Member of Congress for the 117th Congress and a relevant portfolio including national security/foreign policy issues


How to Apply: Email to request an application form. Then complete, save, and send back the application along with a copy of your resume.