Participant Presentation Night

June 13— In the final session of the PSA-Harvard Negotiation Program, Robert Bordone, Director of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinic, reviewed the skills and steps discussed throughout the program and participants presented their final projects to the class. Throughout the program, participants have been working together in small groups made up of House and Senate staffers from both parties to identify possible solutions to a foreign policy or national security problem of their choosing.

During their presentations, the groups discussed their negotiation processes, highlighting what went well, where they ran into problems, and how they overcame them.

Robert Bordone

Robert Bordone is the Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the Founding Director of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program. He teaches several courses at Harvard Law School including the school’s flagship Negotiation Workshop. Bob also teaches in the Harvard Negotiation Institute and the Harvard Program on Negotiation’s Senior Executive Education seminars.

In 2007, Bob received The Albert Sacks-Paul Freund Teaching Award at Harvard Law School, presented annually to a member of the Harvard Law School faculty for teaching excellence, mentorship of students, and general contributions to the life of the Law School. He was a finalist for the same award in 2012 and 2013. In 2010 the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) awarded Bob its Problem Solving in the Law School Curriculum Award for his innovative work in creating and building the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program. In 2012 and 2013, Bob was selected by the graduating class as one of three Harvard Law School faculty members to deliver a “Last Lecture” to the class prior to graduation.