Program on Legislative Negotiation

The Program on Legislative Negotiation is a joint initiative between PSA, Harvard, and American University to encourage bipartisan solutions across Capitol Hill. Started in 2014 with Harvard & PSA, the program strives to train Hill staffers in best negotiation practices to improve congressional capacity to overcome policy impasses. In 2019, American University joined to support this program. Participants receive professional negotiation training to better identify collective interests, facilitate productive conversations, and pursue common ground. Through instruction in negotiation techniques and legislative simulations, the program aims to equip congressional staff with the tools needed to strengthen bipartisan problem-solving in Congress.

As a joint program, the Program on Legislative Negotiation is made possible in part to the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Madison Initiative, a nonpartisan initiative supports organizations that foster bipartisan problem-solving, strive to strengthen Congress as an institution, improve campaign finance, and set the stage for negotiation and compromise in Congress.