Solutions to the Zika Virus: Room for Bipartisanship?

On August 15, alumni of the Congressional Partnership Program (CPP) attended a dinner discussion on how the United States should engage with the international community to fight the Zika virus. Alumni will meet and discuss options for bipartisan action on this pressing global health issue.

This was a closed, off-the-record dinner for alumni of the Congressional Partnership Program 

Democrats and Republicans blame each other for not passing legislation that would address the Zika issue. Meanwhile, there are more than 5,000 confirmed cases of the virus in the US, with 12 babies born with birth defects. The Center for Disease Control has issued an unprecedented travel warning advising pregnant women not to go to a Miami neighborhood.

Participants discussed how Congress can contribute to fighting this terrible virus and what role the private sector can play in combating this problem in the United States and abroad.