CPP Spring 2014: Retreat

MAY 10 & 11 – PSA Congressional Program participants joined an all-star group of foreign policy and national security experts for a weekend of thought provoking discussions and bipartisan team-building. Speakers included:

Hon. Grant Aldonas, Under Secretary for International Trade at the Commerce Department (2001-2005), Romney Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser

Dr. Henry Gaffney, Office of the Secretary of Defense and CNA (Ret.)

Amb. Thomas Graham, Jr., Special Representative for Arms Control, Non-Proliferation, and Disarmament (Ret.)

Paul Grove, Senate Appropriations Committee, Minority Staff

Dr. Christina Lin, Senior Fellow, German Marshall Fund’s Transatlantic Academy

Amb. Steven Pifer, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (Ret.)

Michael Schiffer, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Majority Staff

The CPP is for Congressional staff interested in generating dialogue and developing the skills and relationships required to advance bipartisanship on national security and foreign policy issues. Through policy seminars and networking activities, this unique program aims to equip the next generation of foreign policy and security experts to respect differences, build common ground and achieve US national interests. Learn more at www.psaonline.org/cpp.