The Partnership for a Secure America assembled a broadly based International Working Group to examine in depth the IAEA’s current funding structure and sources, and explore ways that non-state donors can better assist the IAEA in developing additional contributions for its nuclear security and technical cooperation programmes.

The Group was composed of individuals from seventeen countries representing all geographic regions of the world and each functional grouping of the IAEA. It included former senior officials from the IAEA Secretariat, former Governors or Ambassadors who represented their countries at the IAEA, and other experts with IAEA experience.

The International Working Group agreed on ten recommendations which it believes would help put the IAEA in a better place to attract, receive and utilize non-traditional contributions to its technical cooperation and nuclear security programmes. They suggested that the Agency should:

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Non-State Funding Strategy
  2. Strong Commitment of the Director General and Senior Management
  3. Improve Communications and Outreach Strategy: Build a Brand
  4. Engage with Non-State Donors: Create Public-Private Partnerships
  5. Address Transparency Concerns: Establish Metrics
  6. Modernize the Agency’s Engagement with the Private Sector
  7. Work More Closely with Other IGOs
  8. Identify Priorities Shared with Donors and Recipient Countries
  9. Solicit Support from Civil Society and NGOs
  10. Follow the Example of the PACT